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New USA partnership with Pestech Pest Solutions

December 17, 2021

We've partnered with Pestech Pest Solutions as part of a strategic program to bring full-service smart bed bug detection and treatment to hospitality, care homes, housing associations and other accommodation-based businesses in North America. 

Named one of PCT’s Top 100 Pest Companies, Pestech is based in New York, servicing the Tri-state area. As part of their commitment to deliver the most effective, eco-friendly customer solutions, they now offer Spotta’s always-on bed bug monitoring technology. 

Early sales success

Within days of signing the partnership agreement, Pestech confirmed their first sale of the Spotta’s monitoring technology to a leading sheltered accommodation client. Just two weeks later, a second client chose to install the Spotta early detection smart system.

Mark Davidson, CEO at Pestech Pest Solutions, says: “Spotta’s proactive approach to early bed bug detection ticks so many of the boxes required to meet our own strategic goals. We’re committed to eco-friendly, technology-led innovation in pest control, and Spotta will ensure we can offer our customers immediate real-time control over bed bugs, minimising costs and disruption, and keeping treatment easy to manage. Our commercial team has been quick to communicate the benefits to our customers and the response has been extremely positive with two early contracts.” 

Robert Fryers, CEO of Spotta, says: “Pestech’s commitment to deliver high quality, eco-friendly, technology-led pest control solutions is a great fit for our smart pest technology. Mark and his team are passionate about the service they deliver and understand that early detection minimizes the costs and disruption caused by bed bugs in hotels, nursing homes and other accommodation-based businesses. Pestech has a first class commercial and technical team and an exceptional reputation for their in-depth understanding of pest control solutions and first-class customer relations. This makes them an ideal partner for the Spotta technology.”

Spotta's bed bug monitoring solution

Offering unique detection and 24/7 monitoring solutions, Spotta’s smart systems allow businesses to react early and in a targeted manner to the presence of pests. This early action leads to a reduction in pesticide use in treatment and minimises overall damage caused by pests, controlling them before large scale infestations can take hold. Spotta uses computer vision (to detect and classify the pests), a dedicated communication network (to notify of pests’ presence) and custom-designed hardware, for ‘fit and forget’ installation. Its accommodation solution, the Bed Pod, has a 94.2% detection rate in detecting the presence of bed bugs. 

About Pestech Pest Solutions

Founded in 1989, Pestech is one of the fastest-growing pest management companies in the American Northeast. Pestech’s purpose is to help protect life and the environment through responsible pest management.

Pestech’s growth is the result of providing the highest quality, science-based pest solutions available; applied by qualified, licensed technicians. As an industry leader, Pestech values people, progress and professionalism. Their mission statement is “to preserve healthy living and improve human life.”  

Find out more about how Spotta works with pest controllers through our partner program.   


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