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Colorado Tri-Flo Signs Strategic Partnership

May 28, 2021

We've joined forces with Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, as part of a strategic partnership to bring full-service smart pest detection and treatment to hospitality, care homes, housing associations and other accommodation-based businesses. 

One of USA's top pest eradication companies

A top USA supplier of healthy protective airflow solutions and expert in pest eradication, Colorado Tri-Flo will offer our always-on monitoring technology for bed bugs alongside its own industrial heaters for treating the pests. They will also assist customers across the USA with installation and servicing, training and ongoing customer support. 

Exciting new partnership in pest management

Robert Fryers, Spotta's CEO, says: “Colorado Tri-Flo’s dedication to helping their customers act quickly and efficiently is a natural fit for our bed bug monitoring system. Ron and his team understand that speed is essential in minimising risks from bed bugs in hotels, nursing homes and other accommodation-based businesses. They have a great reputation for providing effective treatments, and we believe partnering our system with their heating treatment provides a market-leading solution in proactive bed bug pest management.” 

Ron Elsis, Executive Vice President at Colorado Tri-Flo, says: “Spotta’s proactive approach to detection is a match made in heaven for our Eradi-Flo heaters, which are internationally adaptable and can be used on any 240 volt system worldwide. 

“Giving customers what they want and need are key pillars to our service, and Spotta will help our customers have immediate real-time control over bed bugs,” Elsis adds. “The combination of Spotta’s revolutionary monitoring system and our heaters put businesses in control so they can detect and destroy bed bugs straight away, managing outbreaks in a targeted manner and reducing the time that rooms would otherwise be out of service.” 

Company overview

Colorado Tri-Flo’s Eradi-Flo heaters have proven effective in eradicating bed bugs. The heat-based treatment kills not only bed bugs, but also their larvae and eggs. The industrial grade heaters can be placed into any room where bed bugs are present and depending on infestation level, left to heat the room for up to eight hours, killing bed bugs completely. Following a clean from housekeeping, the room is available straight away, whilst chemical treatments mean rooms are out of service for multiple days. 

Offering unique detection and 24/7 monitoring solutions, our smart systems allow businesses to react early and in a targeted manner to the presence of pests. This early action leads to a reduction in pesticide use in treatment and minimises overall damage caused by pests, controlling them before large scale infestations can take hold. Discover more about our solution for multi-room accommodation businesses

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