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Automate to guarantee service quality

October 8, 2020

Cleanliness is often said to be next to godliness - and this is especially true for today’s travellers selecting a hotel. The desire to rest and relax in a clean, safe environment has never been more at the forefront of travellers’ minds, and the hospitality industry’s reputation depends on providing a high quality service.

Hotel cleaning policies

Globally, hotel groups have adjusted their cleaning procedures to help reassure guests travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic. Extra cleaning in public areas such as reception desks and hotel lobbies, readily-available hand sanitiser, and temperature checks for staff and guests are just some of the measures introduced, all causing greater pressure and the requirement for additional resources on the housekeeping team.   

Some groups have accelerated digital processes on-site through technology to tackle these additional requirements by easing guest processes including contactless systems for check-in and room access. Increased automation is freeing staff to focus on the real problem areas. 

Hotel operations under pressure

Despite the Covid-heightened cleanliness expectations, a recent investigation into New York hotels revealed a number of cleaning corners were being cut. In some hotels, linen was unchanged between guests and customer touchpoints such as remote controllers and furniture were not thoroughly cleaned. 

There’s no doubt hotel operations staff are under greater scrutiny to provide a hygienic and safe environment for guests, whilst juggling financial constraints bought on by the pandemic. So how can hoteliers guarantee service quality from their operations teams who are stretched between many tasks? This is where automation can help. 

Automated systems in hotels

Smart buildings which utilise new technology can reduce business costs and improve efficiencies. Hotels and other accommodation providers already use smart technology to enhance customer service, from contactless check-in via mobile phones to monitoring stock in the mini-bar and replenishing popular items before a guest needs to request more. 

Just like other guest satisfaction criteria, cleanliness can also be a joint initiative between housekeeping and operations teams, and smart technology providers. 

Bed bug monitoring

Cleaning a room can vary in time depending on guest behaviour, and in many of today’s hotels, housekeeping staff are also tasked with conducting manual inspections for bed bugs. The tiny pests are experts at hiding, making them difficult to see in small numbers by the human eye. 

Our Bed Pod is designed to detect and identify bed bugs early and before a large infestation occurs. By automating monitoring, hotel operations staff can focus on other tasks, even setting up notifications to go directly to relevant staff and your contracted pest control professionals. 

Quality control

Quality control is essential in reassuring guests seeking to travel in the current climate. Cleanliness of rooms and a hygienic environment are just as important as a warm welcome upon arrival. Where operations teams are stretched and budgets are tight, using automated systems can help hoteliers guarantee service quality.

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