How much do bed bugs cost?

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How much do bed bugs cost?

July 15, 2020

Hoteliers can use Spotta’s new Cost Calculator to discover how much bed bugs are costing their business.

What is the impact of bed bugs on hotels?

For hoteliers, bed bugs can be a costly issue that impacts the business in many ways. The direct costs of extermination treatments, guest compensation and lost revenue from rooms being out of service are well known. However, the true costs run much deeper. The cost of negative online reviews, reduced customer loyalty, guest compensation and disruption to hotel operations are often as much or more again. You can read more about the impact of bed bugs on hotels in our recent blog post.

There’s nothing hotel operators can do to prevent bed bugs arriving because they come in with guests and for almost all hotels it’s simply a case of when, not if, they next have to deal with them. The financial drain caused by bed bugs varies greatly depending on the size, location and nature of your hotel. 

Bed bug cost calculator

Spotta’s team of analysts and entomologists have been crunching numbers and reviewing industry research to create a helpful Cost Calculator which gives hoteliers an estimate of how much bed bug incidents cost their business. 

To find out how much bed bugs could cost your business, simply access the Cost Calculator and input some basic information about your hotel - the number of rooms you have, your average room rate and the number of bed bug incidents per year. 

The calculator uses the numbers you provide, along with data from published third party research, to build a bespoke report on the financial impact of bed bugs on your business. 


Early detection helps minimise costs

By detecting, identifying and treating bed bugs early, you can reduce both the reputational and financial damage these pests may do to your business.


Spotta can identify bed bugs and notify you of their presence when they arrive. By preventing guest contact with bed bugs Spotta eliminates almost all of the costs caused by bed bugs and allows you to rest easy, knowing your guests can do the same.


Find out more about how Spotta works here. 

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